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Active Reliever

Knee Brace


The Active Reliever is a decompressive single upright OA knee brace designed to reduce load on one side of the knee that has been injured or progressively degenerated. The Active Reliever should be dispensed by qualified medical professionals based on a physician’s prescription and directives.

Product Features

  1. Breathable spacer fabric sleeve with posterior expandable Lycra panel

  2. Anatomically correct roll-and-glide Townsend Motion Hinge with adjustable ROM stops

  3. Semi-rigid, self-contouring nylon superstructure sewn into the sleeve

  4. Bendable bars for customization of the fit and counterforce

  5. Corrective Force Strap applies maximum counterforce at midstance phase of gait

  6. Patient friendly quick release buckles

  7. Open anterior thigh section for easy donning and doffing

This Product Can Be Ordered

  1. X-Small to XXX-Large

  2. Medial or Lateral OA

  3. Left or Right