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Full Shell BK Brace


Routinely Prescribed For...

  1. ACL and MCL ligament injuries

  2. Meniscal Cartilage injuries

  3. Address ligament Laxity of the knee

  4. Address knee instabilities in the
    coronal plane

  5. Address genu recurvatum

  6. Quadriceps weakness
    (Add Extension Assist Feature)

Product Features...

  1. We can accommodate any size BK socket

  2. 5 Bar locking joints can be coupled with:

  3. Twist Release, Free motion, Lever Release or no free motion

  4. Townsend Original Hinge

  5. Option to add Extension Assist

  6. Becker locking knee joint options

  7. Becker external lock release options

  8. Fabricate with any color or hydro dip

The Townsend Full Shell BK brace is designed to control knee instabilities for below knee amputees. It integrates with any finished BK socket; the custom fit interlocks to the patient’s thigh and BK socket. The biomechanical benefits include the ability to stabilize short limbs and address ligament instabilities that occurred before or after the amputation.