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Potential Users

  1. Patients who have experienced
    ligament injuries and/or reconstructive knee surgery.

Braces Can Be Ordered

  1. Standard OTS sizes S to XL

Standard Features

  1. Lightweight Brushed Aluminum Frame With Black Polymer Cuffs

  2. Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges

  3. Patented Synergistic Suspension Strap

  4. Rotation Control Tibial Shell Contour

  5. 14 Inch Length

  6. Extension Stop Kit

  7. Anti-Migration Strap Padding

  8. Optional Flexion Stop Kit Available*

BOLD Ligament

Knee Brace


Embossed Aircraft Aluminum Superstructure

Self-Formable Polymer Thigh and Tibia Cuffs

Moisture Wicking Pad Liners


Knee Guard