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Physicians, certified orthotists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other medical professionals who provide treatment for orthopedic-related problems have helped us build a reputation for delivering exceptional brace designs and customer satisfaction. In an environment where many patients feel the quality of care is declining, our company focuses on fabricating mobility-enhancing braces that allow medical professionals to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Townsend braces are designed for patients who have had an injury, surgery or medical condition that creates functional or mobility challenges. In clinical studies, and every day use, our braces have proven to be effective in optimizing a patient’s physical potential -- and improving their overall quality of life.

Our specialty is knee braces designed for ligament injuries and instabilities, pain (osteoarthritis), and other long-term mobility challenges. We also fabricate custom carbon graphite ankle and elbow braces, KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthosis), and AFOs (ankle foot orthosis). Townsend also fabricates and distributes a variety of short-term post-injury, post-surgical rehabilitative devices including range of motion braces for the knee and elbow, walking boots, and shoulder braces.

Corporate Address

Townsend Design

4615 Shepard Street

Bakersfield, CA 93313


Corporate Officers

Elizabeth Ducottet, Board Chairman

Thierry Arduin, President

Rick Riley, Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Townson, Vice President

Stuart Townsend, Vice President

Steve Knecht, Vice President

Carolyn Smith, Vice President


In January, 2011, Townsend Design was purchased by Thuasne North America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a French company that has been family owned since 1847.


To provide orthopedic solutions that enhance quality of life.


Universally respected for superior  technology, quality products and exceptional customer satisfaction -- all of which optimize patient outcomes.