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Potential Users

  1. Protection for chronic elbow instabilities

  2. Football players who have hyperextended their elbow

  3. Elbow stabilization for rodeo riders, javelin throwers and other athletes at greater risk of injury

  4. Patients who require long term post-injury or post-surgical stabilization


Custom fabricated by Townsend Design’s orthotists and technicians from a cast mold. The shells are carbon graphite formed to the patient model. The hinges include stop screws for limiting flexion and extension.

Ordering Options

  1. Shell length (based on arm length)

  2. Shell color or fabric inlay

  3. Optional extension bar and hand grip (shown, below) for added rotational control and stabilization during initial recovery from an injury or surgery

Based on the patient’s clinical diagnosis and desired control, you can install extension stops (0, 15 , 30, 45 or 90 degrees) and flexion stops (90, 110 and 120 degrees) to limit range of motion. The 90 degree flexion and extension stops can be offset to lock the brace.

Townsend’s ultra lightweight, low profile custom elbow brace features carbon graphite shells and titanium joints. The rigid superstructure provides the ultimate support for elbow instabilities and hyperextension injuries. This brace allows athletes to perform with injuries that may otherwise cause them to be sidelined or function in a substantially diminished capacity.

The Townsend custom elbow brace has been worn by hundreds of athletes, including many professional and collegiate football players.


Custom Elbow