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Potential Users

  1. The Dynamic Reliever is the perfect medial OA brace for disproportional legs.

Standard Features

  1. Self Contouring Nylon Shells

  2. Premium Soft Adjustable Straps

  3. Dynamic Telescopic Hinge

  4. Adjustable Tibia Shell Bolster

  5. Speed Klips™ Connect Straps To Shell

Ordering Options

  1. The self-contouring shells accommodate XS-XXL in only three standard sizes

  2. Townsend can also custom assemble an individual patient’s brace using different size thigh and tibia shells

  3. Or you can order a “12 Pack”of shells to assemble braces in your own facility

The Dynamic Reliever encourages an active life-style and improved health by reducing pain and symptoms of knee OA.

This ingeniously wearable brace is the perfect prescription for conservative treatment of medial OA. Addressing all of the reasons patients cite for not wanting to wear a knee brace, it can be worn all day, every day, or for specific activities.

Patient compliance is optimized by the feather-weight design (15 ounces), ease of application, and comfortable delivery of realignment forces.



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