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Townsend fabricates traditional full shell OA braces that provide maximum unloading and pain relief for patients who have moderate to severe unicompartment OA. The braces feature rigid carbon graphite shells combined with Townsend’s patented hinge motion, suspension and rotation control technology. Townsend’s exclusive Loadshifter Relief Mechanism allows you to increase corrective force to optimize compartment unloading and patient comfort.

This adjustable mechanism located above the hinge opposite the affected compartment allows the femoral shell to be shifted to increase corrective force and amplify three point unloading.


Full Shell 

Knee Braces


Potential Users

  1. Patients diagnosed with moderate to severe medial or lateral compartment OA

  1. Patients who have unicompartment OA combined with knee instability

  2. Patients who have unicompartment OA and significant soft tissue (obesity)


Reliever Air, Reliever Air Lite and Reliever OA knee braces are custom fabricated from a cast mold or digital leg scan.

Ordering Options

  1. Shell length

  2. Special trim lines

  3. Colors or fabric inlay

Rated #1 for functional control in numerous independent studies