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Potential Users

  1. Patients who desire maximum control and stabilization

  2. Post-injury, post-surgery protection and control for ligament instabilities

  3. Patients with ligament instabilities who are being managed non-surgically

  4. Prophylactic protection for athletes playing football and other high risk sports


Custom fabricated from a cast mold or digital leg scan.

Ordering Options

  1. Virtually unlimited shell length options

  2. Anti-rotation tibia shell bolster Special trim lines for full figure patients, horse back riders, skiers, catchers, and hockey goalies



Knee Braces


Townsend Design has teamed with EVS Sports, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motocross protective gear, to offer riders the best knee bracing solutions.

The medial side of the Motocross Air thigh shell is modified for rider comfort.

Interior view shows the comfortable lycra backing that attaches the patella guard to the shell pad.