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Potential Users

  1. Patients diagnosed with mild to severe medial or lateral compartment OA

  2. Patients who have unicompartment OA combined with knee instability


Premier Series OA knee braces are custom fabricated from a cast mold, digital leg scan or Townsend measurement devices.

Ordering Options

  1. Anterior tibia shell (double band is not offered on PR1 model)

  2. Single band posterior tibia shell

  3. 14, 15 or 16 inch length

  4. High gloss paint finish, textured powdercoat or optional custom paint colors

The lightweight, low profile carbon graphite custom Premier Series OA knee braces are Townsend’s most popular models for unloading and pain relief. The Premier Reliever is a double upright brace that includes Townsend’s patented LoadShifter Relief Mechanism for shifting the femoral shell to increase corrective force.


Premier Series

Knee Braces


The new Premier Reliever1 is a single upright brace that utilizes an Adjustable Force Buttress to help maintain neutral leg alignment and shift load away from the damaged side of the knee. The Premier Reliever is the best choice for patients who want maximum stabilization (including patients who have OA and ligament instability). The Premier Reliever1 is ideal for lateral OA patients (no medial hinge) who have valgus leg angulation, as well as medial OA patients who prefer the lightest and most comfortable model.

Single Upright


Dual Upright