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What is a rehabilitation device?

There have been many advancements in the treatment of orthopedic-related injuries, including tremendous improvements in surgical procedures and rehabilitation protocols that provide faster recovery and better long-term outcomes. The desire to return patients to routine activities as quickly and inexpensively as possible has contributed to the development of a wide range of rehabilitation devices. Manufactured to be easily ordered and fit (in standard sizes), these devices provide short term support and protection. Patients routinely don’t like having to wear this type of supportive device, but faithful use of the prescribed device can ensure a faster recovery and/or to prevent re-injury. Upper extremity devices are typically used after a shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand injury or surgery. Likewise, lower extremity devices will be fit following an injury or surgery involving the knee, tibia, fibula, ankle or foot.

While Townsend is best known for its technically-advanced ligament and OA knee braces, and specialty custom braces, our company also manufactures and distributes a range of rehabilitation products that are generally used during the initial recovery from an injury or orthopedic surgery.


These types of devices are intended to provide short-term immobilization and/or support that safely maintains the limb in the desired position during recovery. The medical professional who is treating the injury or directing the post-surgical care, will routinely determine the type of rehabilitative device that is needed and the length of time it must be worn. Townsend only sells these rehabilitation braces to qualified medical providers. They are considered prescription products, generally offered in standard sizes.

Patients who are prescribed and fit with a Townsend rehabilitation device will routinely achieve these benefits:

Increased protection

Positional support

Progressive rehabilitation and recovery

Benefits for the patient!

It is fair to say that these types of rehabilitation devices are a bit bulky or somewhat cumbersome for a patient to wear. Additionally, they are worn immediately after an injury or surgery when a patient may be experiencing pain and discomfort. Townsend strives to make its rehabilitation products as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. Even if the patient doesn’t like wearing this type of device, it is very important to follow the physician’s instructions for when and for how long to wear the brace. Not following these instructions can prolong the recovery or potentially compromise a surgical repair. Ideally, most of these types of products are intended to be worn all day, but may not be required while sleeping. If a patient is allowed to take off the device, it is very important to put the device back on in the proper position and to not make changes to any settings or components without authorization from a medical professional.

Pre-Sized Products

Virtually all rehabilitation devices are made in standard sizes so that they can be easily ordered and fit. Routinely, these products will be stocked in a physician clinic, surgical center, emergency room or other medical facility that routinely dispense orthopedic-related durable medical equipment. For example, walking boots that are routinely prescribed for foot and ankle injuries, generally come in sizes XS to XXL and are dispensed based on the patient’s shoe size. Some upper extremity products come in left or right models, while other types of devices such as post-operative knee braces are routinely universal -- one size fits any leg.