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The Corrective Force Paddle at the proximal end of the brace can be shifted and angled to optimize unloading and patient comfort.

Potential Users

  1. Patients diagnosed with mild to moderate medial or lateral compartment OA

Ordering Options

Color: Available in a variety of textured and high gloss powdercoat finishes.

Standard Sizes: XS-XXL determined by thigh circumference measurement for stocking inventory or individual patients with proportional leg sizing.

Customized: Townsend is the only orthopedic manufacturer that will “customize” a prefabricated brace at no additional charge. Provide leg circumferences 6” above and below knee center, and a M-L knee width. Braces ordered from three leg measurements are backed by our exclusive “Get It, Fit It” Guarantee. The brace will fit right out of the box, or we will pay for it to be returned for adjustment or replacement.

Custom: Fabricated from a cast, digital scan or Townsend measurement devices.

Townsend Design’s RelieverOne is a single hinge, low profile aircraft aluminum brace for mild to moderate unicompartment OA. While Townsend has historically fabricated double upright OA braces, the RelieverOne offers clinical, functional and economic advantages for certain patients. The RelieverOne features a rigid superstructure to maintain neutral alignment with a femoral force paddle that can be adjusted to increase correction and optimize patient comfort.