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Townsend Design utilizes independent representatives throughout the United States to promote our products and support medical professionals who prescribe and purchase our products. Outside of the United States, Townsend has established relationships with international distributors who purchase and resell our bracing technology in over 30 countries throughout the world.

Our USA sales representatives receive comprehensive and ongoing training. Within their assigned territory, representatives are responsible for providing local support to physicians, orthotists, orthopedic technicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other qualified professionals who treat orthopedic related injuries and medical conditions.

 Townsend Design does not sell products to the public or ship any medical device directly to a patient. We only sell and ship our bracing technology to qualified providers who are registered customers. Unlike other orthopedic companies that sell products over the Internet to patients and/or bill Medicare and private insurance carriers, Townsend does not engage in retail billing. We are a supplier, not a competitor, to medical providers who purchase our products.

 All inquiries regarding sales (USA) and distribution (international) opportunities should be directed to Townsend’s Sales and Marketing team.

Sales and Marketing

800.840.2722  or  661.837.1795


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