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The Townsend Shoulder Sling provides positional arm support and immobilization following upper extremity injuries and/or surgeries. This sling and pillow combination device can hold the shoulder/arm in a neutral position and help to prevent post-operative complications. The breathable material, and lightweight design, enhances patient compliance.


Shoulder Sling


Potential Users

  1. Easy to apply, and easy to adjust arm position

  2. Breathable padded fabric

  3. Foam abduction pillow encased in breathable fabric

  4. Exercise ball for muscle and circulatory stimulation

  5. Universal -- fits left and right arm

  6. Two sizes -- S/M and L/XL

  7. Black sling and black pillow

Offered With These
Standard Features

  1. Breathable Fabric Sling

  2. Universal (left or right arm) Abduction Pillow

  3. Adjustable Padded Strap

  4. Exercise Ball

Townsend Elite Shoulder Sling
The Elite Sling is a light-weight option for those warmer, more humid climates; without compromising durability and functionality.  The Elite Sling offers an open cell foam design; lined with a breathable mesh material.  The dual reinforced elbow section provides greater protection for surgical sites and the quick release buckles make it easy to put on and take off.

Townsend Shoulder Sling
The Townsend Sling is an option for patients who require positional arm support and immobilization for upper extremity injuries and surgeries.  The universal application makes it simple and convenient for both the qualified provider and patient.