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What is a specialty brace?

Specialty braces that are custom fabricated by Townsend’s experienced staff are often worn all day, every day, just like a pair of shoes or eye glasses. The brace is so necessary to the patient’s daily activities, that it has to become part of their general life-style and wardrobe. That’s why Townsend has continuously discovered innovative ways to increase functional benefits and make braces more comfortable for patients to wear.

Whether the patient needs a KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis) with locking hinges, or a custom ankle brace for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, Townsend offers a range of specially designed and fabricated devices that are not available from any other manufacturer.


Benefits for the patient!

Patients who have normal health and physical activities will hopefully never know the physical and emotional challenges of having an injury or medical condition that dramatically reduces mobility and function. But if you or someone you know is significantly compromised in terms of the ability to be physically active, Townsend’s technologically-advanced range of specialty bracing solutions are designed to enhance qualify of life by improving mobility. These custom braces are made from lightweight carbon graphite for strength and durability. Most braces have specialized hinges that can be locked or set to control range of motion in a manner that optimizes the patient’s stabilization and safety.

Custom Fabricated

These specialty carbon graphite braces are genuine custom manufactured. Routinely, a qualified orthotist will cast the limb that needs to be braced. When that cast mold hardens, it is cut off the limb and shipped to Townsend with a detailed order form that allows Townsend make a one-of-a-kind brace to intimately fit the limb, with selected features and options that will optimize the patient’s comfort and function. In some cases, a custom brace may require modifications or subtle changes to ensure the fit and function is the best possible. These may necessitate that the brace be sent back to Townsend for alterations.

Townsend Design is a respected source for custom fabricated specialty braces that are utilized by patients who often have long-term mobility and/or significant functional challenges. For this category of bracing, Townsend manufactures the most advanced technology and outcome-enhancing brace designs available.

These custom devices are routinely prescribed for patients who have experienced a serious health issue or injury that has compromised their quality of life. Townsend has focused its efforts on creating brace designs that are not only functionally superior, but also more user-friendly and cosmetically appealing -- especially since these devices are often worn all day, every day.


In nearly all cases, Townsend’s custom specialty braces are ordered and fit by medical professionals who work in an orthotic and prosthetic facility. Townsend’s ability to make a specialty brace that fits and functions optimally for the patient is very dependent on the quality of the leg measurements, cast, and information we receive from the practitioner.

Patients who are prescribed and fit with a Townsend custom specialty brace will routinely achieve these benefits:

Enhanced mobility and function

Health benefits from becoming more active

Increased quality of life