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Potential Users

  1. Patients who require semi-rigid support for knee sprains

  2. Patients who have MCL or mild ligament injuries


  1. Anterior closure or pull-on sleeves

  2. Rigid nylon pockets encase the bars (no exposed metal)

  3. Condylar pads sewn into the sleeves

  4. High quality unbrushed loop straps (2000 cycle-type)

  5. Popliteal cutout on posterior aspect of knee for unrestricted flexion

  6. Adjustable patella buttress pads (pull-on models only)


Sport Series

Knee Braces


Townsend’s durable, versatile, low profile Sport Series braces provide stabilization, support and compression for mild knee sprains and ligament injuries.  Sport Series braces have rigid pockets that contain and cover the bars and hinges, so there is no exposed metal. These braces can be ordered with the customer’s choice of three different Townsend Motion Hinge designs.

Upgrade: TM5+ with adjustable extension and flexion stops. Choice of aircraft aluminum (standard), titanium or stainless.

Standard: 5° Non-Adjustable Hinges -- 5 degree extension stop built into hinge