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Townsend’s TS ROM Series braces are designed for maximum durability and achieve more substantial control than traditional soft shell products. The patented low profile hinges track with the knee and are fully contained inside reinforced pockets so there is no exposed metal.

Routinely Prescribed For...

Patients who have experienced mild ligament injuries and/or reconstructive knee surgery.

Braces Can Be Ordered...

  1. Standard OTS sizes S to XXXL
    (4XL neoprene models)

Offered With These Standard Features...

  1. Compression Sleeve

  2. Townsend ROM Control Hinges

  3. Rigid Aluminum Bars

  4. Extension Stop Kit

  5. Flexion Stop Kit

  6. Reinforced Nylon Hinge Pockets

  7. Condylar Pads

Available Options Include...

  1. Latex Free Neoprene Sleeve Material

  2. Fiber Cool Sleeve Material (Anterior Closure Models)

  3. Pull On Or Anterior Closure Models

  4. 12 Inch (2 Strap) and 16 Inch (4 Strap) Models

  5. Patella Buttress (Pull-On Sleeves)


TS ROM Series


ROM Control Hinge