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Knee Braces


Townsend’s functional knee braces with trigger lock hinges are intended for patients with severe instabilities that require knee fixation when ambulating. You can consider the patient’s physical needs and life-style in selecting the shell configuration, hinge type, and cable release options. All trigger lock braces feature our suspension and rotation control technology.

Potential Users

  1. Patients who have severe knee instabilities

  2. Patients who have a failed total knee

  3. Patients who must ambulate with their leg fully fixated


Townsend’s trigger lock knee braces are custom fabricated from a cast mold or digital leg scan.

Ordering Options

  1. Custom shell length and trim line options

  2. Choice of Premier style or traditional full shell

  3. Anterior shells, or anterior/posterior post-polio shells

  4. High gloss paint finish, textured powdercoat or optional custom paint colors on any Premier style models

  5. Color or fabric inlay on traditional full shell models


Full Shell

Rebel Series