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The Townsend line of walkers includes a variety of full height and mid calf walkers designed to provide comfortable stabilization for patients who have suffered foot and ankle injuries, or who are recovering from surgery. Our range of plastic walkers is extremely light weight and durable, making the transition from injury to recovery easy and safe.  The line has been expanded to include pediatric walkers. The new PediWalker provides the same durability and light weight comfort for children that is achieved in our full-size range of walkers.

Potential Users

  1. Patients who have foot or toe injuries or surgeries
    Patients who have grade 1, 2 or 3 ankle sprains
    Patients who have stable or internally fixed fractures of the foot or ankle

NOTE: Contraindicated for unstable fractures or fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula


XLR8 Walker Dual Air Bladders, Anatomically Correct Calf Section and  Positional Toe Guard

EZG8 Malleable metal uprights, Pneumatic and non-pneumatic versions

TD Walker with fixed (90°) full height or mid-calf struts

TD Walker with ROM hinges

Optional pneumatic bootie for increasing stabilization and compression

The Townsend PediWalker is a light weight pediatric boot that offers comfort ease of application. Only three sizes are offered thus reducing inventory cost. The boots are universal to fit either the right or left foot; and they will fit ages from 18 months to 7 years of age.


TD MC Walker

TD MC Air Walker

TD ROM Walker

TD Walker


EZG8 MC Walker

EZG8 Walker

While supplies last
While supplies last
While supplies last